Love is called an affection for somebody such as a detailed friend or companion, or for something as common as an area, ideal, or an animal . Even though love is considered a feeling that was purposeful and powerful, much too often it is frivolously used in culture . Love can be used to refer to a feeling towards anything as insignificant as a pencil or a chair: ” Oh, I really like your new shoe-laces ! ” The Greeks, as a way to identify love and gain the capacity to differentiate between different variants of love, developed four phrases . Eros ( i ? … rws ), an erotic and sensual love ; stergo, a parent – child love ; philia ( jI lia ), a brotherly love ; and agape, selfless love where nothing is expected in return .

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Of Mice and Men are both love stories, but Steinbeck’s book is a story of philia while Shakespeare’s is concerned with eros . He’s a solid passion for her, and he can do anything to satisfy his yearning . Romeo and Juliet are two young adults and so are children of two different feuding families, the Montagues ( Romeo’s household ) as well as the Capulets ( Juliet’s family ). Romeo puts everyone around him in possible risk because of the passions of the households who come in battle . Juliet’s love for Romeo is egotistical at the same time . Juliet at one point even informs him, ” Deny thy father, and refuse thy name ” ( two two 36 ).

Therefore, they may be both not unwilling to give their families up so that you can be with each other . Juliet and Romeo are equally drunken and rash using their love for one another, true indicators of a eros sort of love . Additionally In Romeo and Juliet, Montagues and the Capulets don’t understand the depth of the emotion between both lovers . Eros is the people cannot fathom how they’ve a love for each other while the households are in that state-of extreme violence, and also a crazy and fiery love . While the households have the total opposite, Juliet and Romeo have the eros love: a hatred that is fervent .

The people can not sees them for behaving against their loved ones as fools and enjoy it . Nobody but the two people involved in eros can truly benefit what their love is. Merely the lovers themselves can completely understand their actuality that is private . Because it blossomed out of an astounding dislike the trustworthy confidant of also Juliet rejected to help the love of Juliet because she doesn’t understand the type of the love itself . The nurse prefer to have her be with Paris, whom Juliet does not genuinely love, as opposed to be with Romeo, whom Juliet adores but is the despised foe .

Essentially, the love which Juliet and Romeo share is not truly understood by anybody . George seems less alone with Lennie around . Although George utilizes Lennie as the brawn to set and maintain occupations, George shows empathy in the conclusion when he builds the dream in Lennie’s head after George has shot him . Nonetheless, George’s patience with Lennie is restricted . ” I ai n’t got no people .

I seen the men that go around on the ranches alone . That ai not no-good . They don’t have no fun . Because his psychological condition has caused them to lose their jobs and be busy to find new work, George does not always love Lennie’s presence at times, but he is still needed by George . George adores Lennie like a brother or a companion in his lifestyle . Philia’s signs in this text brotherhood which these two display between the the feelings of discouragement shown by George and would be the sense of good fellowship, and also the continuous inseparability of the pair .

George share a mentor – mentee relationship, despite the fact that the people assumes the nature of the relationship to be something entirely different . For instance, their co worker Fluorescent is beneath the impression the two are not heterosexual, and therefore clarifies together their journeys . It attests his mistake of philia, although, Curly does not make them because of it difficulty . For him among others, the love between two men friends is not always heterosexual, however that is completely decreasing what philia actually is . Another coworker, Crooks, supposes that George is only utilizing Lennie for cash that is extra, so no one truly understands the love between the two companies . “‘We travel together,’ said George coldly’ Oh, so that it’s …

that way . ‘ George was motionless and not relaxed . ‘ Yea, it really is that manner’ ” ( 2.80 – 82 ). It might be more correctly viewed as yet another special kind of love, although when it applies to two men companions Philia is misunderstood . Sadly for Lennie and George, love does not be understood by the general public . In the last moments of the play of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet’s love is the unique center in their lives, so much so they are actually self-centered . Their departures are led to by their failure to consider anyone but themselves .

This selfishness is a hazard of crazy eros love as it brought to Juliet and Romeo selfishly dying for their love that is eros . In the end of the other novel, George was shown as a brotherly and good fellowship – centered love-in which George shoots Lennie for Lennie protection, and selflessly sacrifices his relationship for the well-being of his companion . Juliet and Romeo die to be with one another, exhibiting the self-centeredness in their fiery love that is mind-boggling and lust which uses each of them of these, getting both of them to the severe . They destroy themselves for one another just to be collectively in their burning love. As for George George shoots Lennie and kills him for the own well-being of Lennie .

General, George gives his uniqueness as an individual giving up his philia love . Although neither text has got the exact same description of love in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Males both texts show distinct kinds of love . Both kinds of love current in these texts are eros and philia, which disclose themselves by outsiders through their misinterpretation . Love is an ardent feeling, and if accurate can last forever . Yet, it cannot be understood entirely from the encompassing public, no matter the conditions of the relationship . If accurate, love cannot expire: then it is not supposed to be if it is false . Even though the English phrase for love is sometimes used frivolously and imprecisely, the four words more correctly capture a love, a burning love different varieties of love, a parent – child love, or self less love between two different people .